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Jewelry for cars

This is the direction we have chosen not by accident. We are big fans of automobiles. Modern cars are very beautiful and comfortable, we spend a lot of time in them and often want something to add to it, even his "treat". But going to the jewelry store, we do not find there is anything worthy.

Nowadays, cars are becoming more and jewelry that we see in stores, rather monotonous, stereotyped and basically it is a standard key chains with logos of different brands of cars.


Buying cars, even quite expensive, such as Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Toyota, BMW and other worthy and beautiful cars, we still get the production car, which often choose only interior color. We respect each producer and his work, in fact worked on the design of the cabin experienced and competent professionals.

Our desire - not to change what they have created, but to supplement, make your interior an exclusive and individual. This may be a small piece of jewelry made of gold and precious stones in the form of a flower on the glove compartment or your company logo, made exclusively for you, it may just be a keychain (note also exclusive). We have many projects in this direction.

Today we bring you an exclusive collection of trinkets that will be worthy to emphasize your individuality on the keys of your car and not only!

We have a collection of keychains personally to Mersedes, Audi, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Infiniti, for all the prestigious brands of cars, and there are trinkets that we do not associate with the brand cars, but they are likely to be divided into male and female. This you will be able to identify themselves.

As mentioned earlier, all our products are made exclusively "manual ", they usually consist of several parts (so that they can be well handled), collected in one product. This is a very delicate and time-consuming work, during which the product is filled with energy.

Our products are a good gift, a surprise for your wife or husband or daughter or a son or a girl or a guy or supervisor.

To order our product, please contact us in advance, because we are doing a lot for the order.

We do not want to change your dear and precious car, we only want to add the exclusivity and your personality.

Golden Vine Collection.

Why Golden Vine? All our products we make of gold and precious stones. Gold - is made of gold, grapes - is precious stones..

And yet some intuitive sense of nectar, fertility, freshness, beauty and nobility.

Amulets made of gold and precious stones

We work only with gold and precious, semi-precious stones. Gold has the property to keep (given) power for a long time. Stones have their " secret", which we are strengthening.

The stone can be one or more, and they are selected individually for particular person, depending on the purpose of the amulet. not every Stone " work ", our expert sees energy stones, and how they can work together and individually to fit a person who makes an amulet. Also developed a model (shape, signs, engraving) for a specific purpose and product rights.

The stones are chosen for you, it is chosen because the stones are all different. Even the same stones have different energy and can fit one person, while others do not. It is also important: any purpose amulet and a basic state of man that we want to change or develop. All amulets we do only on creation and development of good human qualities.

For us, the creation of an amulet - this is the birth process, we put him in his love and part of his soul. We always keep in touch with the amulet and monitor its performance.

AMULET has the form of jewelry handmade jewelry, made certain jeweler (also very important, who performs jewelry work, some energy has a jeweler as a person and whether this is suitable for energy the man who created the amulet).

On the amulet can talk and talk a lot, but the most important thing to be able to do it properly and charged, that is very important who makes it and what. We work with: my wife and I are developing a model, make it our experts jewelers, and then my wife amulet charges according to the goal.

Svetlana Energy Specialist, advising on energy stones. We are deeply convinced gold should benefit, and not easy to be a precious metal.

Using the amulet is very complicated and requires plenty of time and the availability of planned stones - lasts for 1 month or more.

Price AMULET depends on the cost of precious or semi-precious stones, the quantity of gold in grams, complexity jewelry (manual) work and purpose of the amulet..

And another very important addition: amulet - it is not a magic wand, make a wish, waved to her, and everything changed, amulets help you discover a good quality and create a situation in which you can show them. For you, the door opens, and to enter into it you have to do to make a move and sometimes even ten steps.

If you're ready, we'll be happy to help you.

And we deliberately did not show here a lot of pictures of our products, as it is a purely personal and intimate.

Be sure to fill in the form and desirable personal touch.