Our company philosophy

More formally, we are very young, as Vinogradenko Jewelry House started its operations in 2011, but in the jewelry business, we are not novices and 2007. And now and then we work only with individual, exclusive orders. This year we expanded and began to produce their own thematic collections.

This is our family business, which we love. Any product for us is the work we nurtured our ideas as a child, put them in their love and part of his soul. All products " hand-made ". We do not punching, we are not interested. It is very important for us what energy are our products, so we are very serious about people who have, or rather, work with us. Kindness and love - that's what we put into our products and the same energy should have a real Master.


The product, which is made with love want to wear, it has a lively warmth. Our team consists of young and talented professionals, and we are full of interesting ideas that embody in jewelry. Philosophy of our house - a decoration LOVE : when you look at our work, they are not only very beautiful, but also emit a gentle warmth. That's because we really do everything with love.

Every product - a state of mind. We want his work to bring more into our world of beauty, tenderness and love. Another very important credo of our Jewelry House - is an individual, non-standard and quite creative approach to the creation of each collection, allowing our clients to stand out markedly.

In our work we use only the gold and precious stones. We respect, gold metal, but it is of limited value and does not have a soul. Creating gold- we spiritualise them, putting them in a piece of his soul and the master secret.

Soul filled with love
In eureka moment going on,
A MASTER Brings into gold creations,
With the secret wisdom inhaling HIM
Love and kindness SOUL.