What people say about us

Familiarity with Svetlana and Gennady was for me a revelation. After the execution of my order, I can say that I finally managed to find something that I just loved and inspired. It is a great joy - to get that harmony.

I want to thank you for the fulfillment of my amulet! Very pleased with the work done. Everything is beautiful, elegant, in time, and most importantly - a huge effect and the number of changes have occurred.

Plus met with these spices in their field and just wonderful people! Special thanks for this! Now all the time you'll be doing bookings :)

My amulet I received as a gift. He's a terrific! I realized that the ornaments are different emotional tones. Thanks to those who created it. And thanks to the Masters, give me a miracle.

I did not believe in such things before, and that something is able to affect me. But my friend ordered a charm and has become a completely different person in the best sense.

After trekking to you, I began to smile. I have a strange state of mind: I have all the time in anticipation of a wonderful and, as they say, what is expected, then executed. I am pleased and delighted that appealed to you. You - MIRACLE!

Thank you very much for the work done. Surprisingly accurate amulet fits my character even purely visual. Thanks for these tips during the survey and interviews with you. Good luck in the work!

I love all the extravagant and expensive. And to exclusive handmade. Shoplifting stamping and like everyone else - not for me!

Many thanks for attentive, detailed explanations and sunny mood! I can say that this top-class jewelers.

My admiration for all of your colleagues, thank you for the accurate performance of the work. Quality performance at a high level! Though not only in the beauty of jewelry. The highest score of professional work!

As they say: " There are no words - some emotions! "

Hello, dear Svetlana! With all my heart I want to thank you for taking my attention and understanding. Finally I'm alive and I had the strength and energy. Already a conversation with you reassured me. Hard to believe, but everything is ok now. And now, when I have the amulet, I'm so happy right now. I am grateful to everyone who worked on it. Health and strength to you, and anything that can make you happy!

With gratitude I write Vinogradenko jewelry house. I became the owner of an elegant accessory for your car, which had long dreamed of. Madly in love with his NissanChik, thank you brought him another highlight. Now, I am your constant client ;)

I can not describe what is simply a series of incredible emotions. Simple: if you want to buy something good and valuable, and useful even to yourself - you can safely apply to the Jewelry House Vinogradenko. You will not regret! There inspires ALL.

Thank you so much for my decoration !!! It was the best gift for me;)) !!! I did not expect that you can get a keychain for my car: good workmanship, very special.

Giving him my favorite person said that now I will be all for the better. At first, it was not taken seriously by me, and then I started to feel and realize that indeed happens all only the best.

Once I was lucky to get one very cozy place - Jewelry House Vinogradenko. It was quite by chance and unexpectedly. I'm not a critic, not an expert jeweler's art and spiritual mastery, I - a simple man who likes what I got.

I have always been convinced that the jewelry you only decorate, but just what you achieve in life - it's just your credit. But in this case it was my amulet, a real amulet, I got what for so long could not achieve. When I got to the master of this house, I liked the very attitude and attention to me. Impressed and jewelry dazzling beauty with a clear focus of masculinity, as I like.

I had to make a gift to a vivid and memorable. I found Vinogradenko Jewelry House and now I understand that he has found the magic. As it would be unrealistic to " sound ", you really get a unique pendant. Joy of giving such a gift - a powerful experience!

Good time of day! Quite unexpectedly came to your site. In view of stones believed always. Long wanted to yourself decoration, which will not just hang on to me, and will help. Here you can see that people - professionals. Decorating get excellent! Thanks you!